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From a very small child I drew on a daily basis, purely from my imagination. It is important as an artist, not be locked into one's tools. I have now worked with the computer as a design tool for over thirty years. I try to never lose touch of the traditional organic methods set before me. Never intimidated by the technology. As a child my father John, an artist and teacher, would remind me constantly how important it is to be in touch with the organic side, not  to force the perfect image, trying to correct the natural flow. Not to lose the youthful spirit here. It has not been easy to abide by this rule, but I am now trying to bring this forth letting the creative process flow naturally, perhaps by surprise, nothing that is too planned. I gather my materials with a rough idea in mind, perhaps something that amuses me and work from this. The Media and Entertainment fields have been a big part of my work in both print and in my Television work, I continue to pull from these ideas. It is important that my life has beauty in it. This, I feel, reflects my work and my passion to create wherever it may take and surprise me.

                               James A. Faulkner


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