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Summer 2018 - Collage and the Postage Stamp

My parents started a stamp collection for me prior to my arrival into the world of ours. I continued collecting stamps as a youngster perhaps up to my early teen years. After many years those precious albums got locked or stashed away, only to be revisited many years later.

In the late 80's and early 90's I started working in Collage, firstly creating greeting cards that were all

originals that included one or two stamps mixed into the collage. I would usually include stamps that

were pretty dated a few historic, checking their value before I glued them into my collages. I loved the muted colors and textures within these stamps, I would try to incorporate a particular color depending

on the theme. Though I did make some profit from the creation of the greeting cards. After awhile I could not keep up with the demand, and orders for these cards and felt my work was being manipulated by what was a hot seller in the greeting card word. This is when I decided to just do traditional collage. I had played around with digital collages with Photoshop, some interesting results by my favorite were traditional works. I have collected a ton of material over the years and feel I have enough materials to keep me busy for the next 10 years or so!..continued

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